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PHYLLIS & GARY, SV Apolima: Feel younger, Live Longer
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Boat at anchor, Sea of Cortez

Wow, Gary and I are terrifically excited about 'VIVIX", for one we are senior citizens and both need that 25 years longer and younger feel, and for another, finding a tool that could be our tipping point into a fun retirement is just too exciting for words.
We have now been spending our last 6 winters down here, meandering from one great anchorage to another, and most years going back to drive truck in the summers.  Pretty nice lifestyle.  

Working with the 180 turn around because I still need to lose weight.  Our favorite products are still the Vitalizer, Protein, Vivix, and Nutriferon.  These are the basis of each day.

This year I have discovered the Freedom Project and am working my business with their program.  If you would like to see how this works go to Sailingintoretirement.com. for a peek.


Good sailing and fair winds,

Phyllis & Gary

At Anchor, Sea of Cortez